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Today passing in the sport of volleyball is the key to running a productive offence. And with serves becoming tougher, faster and harder, the skill of passing must then to become the key strong point of your game.

1. The number one key you must remember when trying to pass a volleyball is "KEEP MOVING!" You must be one your toes at all times, standing flat footed will result in a ACE! Staying on your toes will have you prepared for even the toughest of serves.
2. As you can see from the great shot of my good friend Karch, you must always keep your eye on the BALL. Follow the ball all the way to your arms.

3. Again Karch shows that your arms should locked out and you should get your body below the ball as it come into your body. Let the ball come into your arms DO NOT SWING AT THE BALL.

4. Another good practice when preparing to return a pass from a serve is check enviromental conditions. If the person serving is serving into the wind, expect the ball to drop soon and visi-versa. If you can predict what the serve may do before it is served it will give you that little advantage you may need to get to your opponents 60 mph jump serve.